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    Once again, thanks for the cover letter tips.

    So the position is to be the chef/ manager of a staff to cook all (dinner) meals plus some catering  for the athletic department at a MAJOR college, when I was asked in the phone interview about compensation I required, I replied that I hadn't researched what was an average salary for the position (as I didn't know exactly what I was applying for at the time: "chef" ). I asked what the pay range was for the position and was told that they didn't have one as this is a new branch and there is no budget set....and repeated "no budget"....I just replied, "well, what ever you feel is a fair wage"...

    I figure that will give me time to do some homework and then feel it out in the face to face. At this point I don't have a clue as to how big a staff I would manage, how many athletes I will feed, but I do know they want upscale meals. I know for a fact that the athletic budget for this school is ginormous, but working for a management company I don't know what they have budgeted (that's the kicker, the company itself is huge and I would think they had all the numbers down before hand)....I don't want to ask for too much and get shut down right off the bat, and on the other hand don't want them snickering that they got me for a song. I was asked about my current salary and replied "I make less than I did when I was 18, live in a very rural area, and work for a non-profit so that is irrelevant to this position".

    The city this school  is in isn't a vastly expensive place to live, but just roughly based on the local and what is needed of me from the phone interview (again, not having a clue as to how many I will be feeding at a time and how big my staff is)....


    The cost of living index is 84% of the national average.

    What ballpark should I ask for????


    I'm clueless.

    Time to Google.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Look at the other "like" positions in the want ads and visit too. This website takes in information from all the hiring websites to get its averages. It does not have information about people hired directly, recruited away from other employers, or hired through a recruiting firm that doesn't place want ads. Because of this, the numbers are sometimes low.