got cut today....

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I've been trying to cover some line shifts during the slow time and was working pantry, my least favorite position. I just got an order from a couple of four tops and trying to through together a couple of Club sands, The knife slips off the edge of the cutting board, straight down, through my used to be new shoes and into my foot. we just had the knives sharpened on Wednesday and this was one of those old house knives that has been sharpened a thousand times and looks like a caught me just behind my second toe, a real bleeder, but I did'nt think is was bad enough to goto the hospital......Sometimes I forget just how dangerous the kitchen can be, and I sure as **** did'nt think it would happen to me....maybe the rookie, but not me
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and thusly did you get bit. but hindsight is 20/20. Glad to hear it's not too bad.
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I once put a picnic ham on to cook, went downstairs to the bar (there's a commercial bar in what I consider to be my basement, too handy sometimes) got a snoot full and came home to the great smell of picnic ham. I had my shoes off and went to pull the ham out with what I had thought was a dull meat fork. I still don't know how it happened, but the next thing I knew, I was staring down at the fork sticking between the second and third toes on my right foot. I had to actually pull it out, it was stuck that good. Didn't bleed much, but hurt a lot. Couldn't do it again if you paid me. I could tell another story about getting in a fight with my Hoover upright vacuum where the Hoover gave me a knot on the forehead that bled and I retaliated by bodyslamming it, but I don't think anyone would care. I do feel sorry for you though Fry Guy, if that helps. At least it wasn't your job that was cut, which I thought at first. :beer:

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