Got a situation....

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I am in a bit of a fix and it is only because I like my former KM and one of the owners so much that I am in this fix.  

My former KM from Cora's suffered a heart attack either Sunday evening or sometime yesterday.  I called the owner (the one that I like) to find out what the eff was up with daughter's hours and I was met with the news of the KM.  They are going to need support and help as what is in the KM's head is only one other place and that is in my head.  I only left them with my stuff as the KM had another six weeks left before his departure so he could train them.  He is no longer in a position to do that and I love him like a brother and one of the owners like a father so I will do my best to help them.  I cannot work a shift there... I have given notice and left and yes this is an emergency so that is why I am willing to give phone and email support.  I will go over on a Monday and do the sit down thing with them if they need/want it but that is the best I can do.  

So my thinking is that I am going to send a very long email to Cora's with everything I know that they will need to know and leave them my cell in the event they need guidance or direction.  I have my work cut out for me with my two prep guys and getting them up to speed and Cora's is a respect thing and a blip on the radar... I just feel so bad as I love the KM from there... we were a tight team and we worked like and old married couple.  

I talked to my bosses at the Diner and they are OK with me supporting them and I assured them that it will not interfere with my work at the diner but I wanted to heads them up in the event my pocket sings and I need to take the call...

I know I owe Cora's nothing but this is an extreme situation and I cannot be a bitch towards them....
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My only advice is

1) Don't let it screw up your current job.

2) You should be paid for your time.

3) Sounds like they need a manual. Might be a good gig for you to write one for them.
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