good wooden spoons?

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Does anyone know where one can get good quality wooden spoons? I mean, hardwood, with a decent (~half-inch diameter) handle. The wooden spoons I see out there right now appear to be pretty crappy. Softwood and flimsy, with thin stems. No, this isn't for sauces and soup. I use them for bread baking, and so I want something sturdy that will stand up to dough. (I brought this up in a baking forum, and the conversation degenerated into how I really should be using scrapers instead of spoons. Geez!) I have a few high quality ones I got long ago. Don't recall where. One just broke, and I'd like to know where to get more.

In looking at products online, the quality of them really isn't that obvious, and I get the feeling that most sellers are hiding behind the fact that their products are pretty rotten.

I see people raving about bamboo spoons. Are they really any good?
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Target has a set of 3 (spoon, slotted spoon, slotted spatchula) for $4 and change otd. Yes, they are bamboo. Yes, they are really good.


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I can't complain about any of my bamboo utensils. Thickest dough I've used them in has been for biscuits
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I'll look at the bamboo. Thanks. Also I was surprised to see on the Target website, some pretty good looking HARDWOOD spoons. I need to run up there and check out both.
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Based on Kenji's reviews, i purchased LC beech wood spoons/spoonulas, and theyve been comfortable and durable (although not made in france like their better cookware.) Theyre also overpriced. You might want to try the cheaper options already mentioned, and if they dont work for you, try the upgrade.
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