"Good Simple Food"

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I had dinner at The Crossing Last night....
9:30 after the debate at Wash U. Cary McDowell whipped up a beet salad with goat cheese, pinenuts, tiny pesto....beets where tiny cubes.
Dinner was Chicken with the skin really crisp and brown with the most succulent breast meat.....I happen to know how he does it but replicating is another story. Mashed potatoes with spinach, asparagus, mushrooms,
JUST Wonderful clean clear flavors and the best ingrediants.....Cary's worked with Daniel and I assume this is the type of food at Daniels in NYC>>>>anyone been there? Have you had the same experience? Boy this is the kind of food I could eat on a regular basis.
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I only ate Bouluds food when he was at Le cirgue. And it was fantastic. he has in addition to restaurant Danial in the city ( new york)A cafe which serves the type of food you had. I agree that that type of cuisine, simple yet super fresh ingrediants and of superior quility in the right hands is all you need. comport food brought to new hieghts. most of the time thats all we look for
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There is a restaurant here in SF called Globe. It is a small place owned by 2 restaurant veterans--she runs front, he is Chef. They are open until 1 a.m. and have a reputation that a lot of Chefs go there late at night. I have to been late, but I really like the food. Simple handwritten menu, a few pizzas, a few pasta's, Steak Florentine for two, roast chicken. I think I have had smoked salmon app. The standout app is cooked in a french ceramic snail shell holder. Each indentation hold one bite of scallop and mussel drenched in garlic butter with chopped tomato. Impeccable ingredients. Not cheap, but reasonable for the quality. The couple just opened a restaurant in Sonoma county called Mucca that is getting some favorable press.
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