Good ol' Sandwich bread... I need help

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Hello all!

I have a question. My better half eats TONS of sandwich bread. Normally, we would go to the store and buy sandwich bread but I had an idea that we would just start making our own sandwich bread. I eventually want to do this for our kids too.

However... I am having a hard time finding a good sandwich bread that will last 4 to 6 days and still be soft.

I would like a bread that I can make in a loaf pan that has great taste and has a good shelf life and that I can freeze and thaw easily

I tried Parkerhouse roll recipe and just made it into a loaf and it didnt work. I think the temprature was to high and the recipe was a little sketchy. When I mixed the dough, it was a tough dough.

So, My question... anyone have any suggestions for an enriched sandwich dough recipe???
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A good old Pullman Loaf works great. It tastes really good and makes excellent French Toast also. I think the reason store bought bread lasts so long on the shelf is because of all the unpronoucable stuff they add to it. One of the great advantages of home made bread is the superior taste. The downside is it doesn't stay fresh too long. But then, it tastes so good it's eaten before it has time to go stale :)



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Sourdoughs have pretty good holding power compared to other homemade breads.

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Store bought breads add hydrogenated oils (bad) to their breads... by making your own bread you are saving your family from a plethora of health problems in the future. Fresh baked bread has a shelf life of one to two days (that's why scratch bakeries have a day old knock off shelf (tomorrow it ain't worth a thing). you can add one or two more days (and more fluffyness) to your bread by adding canola or olive oil to your recipe at a rate of 1 tbsp /15ml per kilo of flour /2.2 pounds of flour. It acts as a tenderizer so you don't notice the staling effects of your aging loaf.

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Oh yah... sourdough breads have a great shelf life however kids don't shine on the taste to well. Try a basic bread recipe. Your parkerhouse recipe is a high fat bread that makes it heavy.

my basic recipe is

1kg flour
10grams sugar
10 grams instant yeast
20 grams salt
660 ml water (luke warm)
15ml oil

You can bend the recipe to other flours when you leasrn their rules

ie whole wheat (35%) must be blended with white (65%)
rye and hickory has no gluten (more of these flours makes bread heavy)
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