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hello all. i have just started using a lot of dry rubs and i would like to know of of your fav dry rub recipes.

here is one i love

8 parts light brown sugar
3 parts kosher salt
1 part chili powder

black pepper
halapeno seasoning
old bay
dry thyme
onion powder

(the last 6 ing should equal up to one part)

this is very basic. i was just curious on what is your fav dry rub.
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If I told you my recipe, Then I would have to kill you!!

Only kidding my friend :)(not)

For me it all depends on what flavor profile I want to accomplish..West indian,asian,southern etc. It also depends on what in fact I want to rub ;) As far as beef,pork,lamb,poultry,seafood etc.Does the rub need to tenderize or just impart flavor or both...How am I doing at skirting the Q?

Empty out your spice rack 1/4ly and thats your rub
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Funny guy!!!
brisket...salt, cayene, black pepper, paparika....
I normally don't dry rub's usually fresh herbs, garlic, oils, ginger...whatever fits the intended theme of the day....
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Good Eats just did an episode on pork that coverd dry rubs, you can find the transcript and recipes on the fan site for that show. The basic one he used sounds alot like the one you posted (the same one? ;) ). I hope this helps.
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My barbecued spare ribs get your basic Southern pork rub:

1 part cracked black peppercorns
1 part kosher salt
1 part garlic powder
1 part paprika
1 part cumin
1 part brown sugar
1 part chili powder
1/4 part cayenne

Beer butt chicken tends to get your Indian rub:

1 part ground coriander
1 part ground tumeric
1 part ground allspice
1 part granulated garlic
1 part standard curry powder
1 part kosher salt
1/4 part ground cardamom
1/4 part ground star anise

Rub down the bird, outside and especially inside the cavity. Insert half-full beer can into cavity. Place on grill surface with coals split in two on both sides so they're not under the bird. Use the beer can as a stand, brace the chicken legs for added support.

Put the Weber cover back on. Wait an hour as you get hungrier ... check for doneness.

Use the waiting time to whip up yogurt sauce:

2 c Stonyfield or other whole milk yogurt
1 t salt
2 T shredded basil
1 t ground toasted cumin
1 clove garlic, minced
1 T extra virgin olive oil

Mix together vigorously. Should sit at least an hour to let flavors mingle. Can add a squeeze of lemon before serving. Use next to roast chicken, or other grilled goodies.

Darnit now I'm hungry again.

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So its lunch time and I'm reading this stuff and there is nothing even remotely resembling food within my reach. AHHHH!
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