Good knife for a first time buyer

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Came from reddit to get more opinions on some knifes

Style: Japanese

Steel: Stainless

Handle: Haven't gotten any other than western style on my hands but i like the idea of a japanese one

Grip: Pinch grip

Length: From 180 to 220mm

Uses: Literally Everything.

Care: Proffesional

Budget: Up to 150 euros ( I am from eu so i need retailers that can ship to me)

I want a knife that can last a lot of time and it's not THAT fragile that i have to be carefull with every little thing (that's why i considered getting a wusthof ikon). What's your thought on these knives when you consider my situation? Also this is my first knife so i am inexperienced in the knife care department (that's why i will go to a proffesional for a while).

Sakai Takayuki 33 layer vg 10 damasus hammered gyoto' 210mm

Yaxell yo-u 69 layer vg 10 damascus gyoto 210mm

Iseya l-series 33 layer vg 10 gyoto 210mm

Tojiro Fujitora DP 3 layered vg10 gyoto 210 mm

Kaeru Kasumi staineless gyoto

ohishi vg-10 gyoto

Any other reccomendations?
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