Good ideas to utilize that 'free supermarket turkey'

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Everyone gets one right? Local supermarket says if you spend a few hundred bucks, you get a free turkey.

Awesome. I get at least 2 every year (mom-in-law is a vegetarian)

Since we are only 2 people, and no one likes us, so we don't have any friends....we butchered it up, ground up the breasts for burgers/meatballs, brined and sous-vided the legs/thighs in buttermilk, and used the carcass and wings for stock to freeze and some gravy. Can't beat that for free!

The other we'll use for a big pot of stock/soup that we can freeze.
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I don't like you much anymore.

I sent you a few reply. What gives? I may be on the east coast, but I know when I'm being ignored.... show you...I took my knives to get professionally sharpened today. so pfft.
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I never received said emails. They may have come during The Great Computer Meltdown; but I swear to God I never got them. You should like me again. I can use quality friendship.

Maybe there's an email address problem or something. One thing though, I definitely lost your phone number and email addresses.

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we should all spam him LOL!

Seriously, though: there's so much good meat on turkey. At our house, it's such a favorite, I do one for no reason except because we like it. HubbyDearest and I were at the daughter's for Thanksgiving dinner. So on Saturday I cooked a turkey at our house just to get the leftovers. We watched The Christmas Story during dinner. (about the boy that wants a Red Ryder BB gun). We have been enjoying hot turkey sandwiches flooded with gravy & stuffing on the side, turkey rice soup, cold turkey sandwiches with mayo & cranberry sauce, and today I put the final turkey into green chile turkey enchiladas (cooked in an insert in the pressure cooker---turned out wonderful).


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I've made some tamales and some individual ramekin pot pies for the freezer for quick snacks and meals.
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Watch it, AmazingGrace. You could take your eye out with that thing. :lol:

We usually get at least two turkeys this time of year, for use later on. One of them get smoked, whole. The other---depends on whim and other factors.
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Take the breasts off and thin slice and bread for cutlets, use the thighs for cold sandwiches/soups/tacos/where ever you could use beef, turn the carcass into soup or stock. I freeze the stock in ice cube trays so I can grab whatever I need from the deep freeze.
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I love to cut the leftover turkey into small chunks and fry it in a pan with butter til it's crispy, especially the dark meat. MMMMMmmm! Probably a heart attack waiting to happen but so tasty.
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