Good guanciale?

Joined Jun 5, 2007
I purchaced about 4-5 oz. of guanciale to use in some bucatini all'Amatriciana from a shop, took it home, and started chopping it. It was completely white save for a small tiny spot of actual meat that was about one millimeter thick. I think I basically got a piece of fat. I used it and it was (like all things pig) quite delicious, but I'm of the opinion that I should have had something that was closer to pancetta than lardo.

I usually just use the package of chopped pancetta sold by trader joes but thought I'd try the guanciale. I did an image search for guanciale and it all looked like bacon (apx. half meat half fat). Did I get ripped off, or just choose poorly, or is that just the deal with guanciale? All of the cut & wrapped pieces of it looked the same, but I've never used the stuff before so I don't really know first hand. There was literally zero meat in my pasta.

Is there a guanciale officianado here that can let me know if I'm mistaken about expecting there to be some meat in my hogs jowls?
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