Good Carbon Gyuto

Joined Dec 22, 2017
Hey everyone, I am looking for a good 240mm western carbon gyuto in the $200 or under range. So far my top choices are the Masamoto HC, Kikuchi elite carbon, or the much less expensive fujiwara fkh.
I am currently have a 150mm fujiwara fkh petty knife that I love but am interested in upgrading the steel with my gyuto purchase. I am still a beginner when it comes to sharpening but am working on getting better at it. I work in a kitchen and use my knives all day everyday.
Please let me know what you think of those three lines and feel free to try and talk me into something else!
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Misono swedish? The dragon etched one ya know. Korin has a 15% knife sale in december plus theres an industry discount if you sign up, and they do a nice job with free initial sharpening.

If you open the search to wa handle, there are a lot more carbon steel knives in this price range.
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