Good books on management... Chef style???

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I hear and understand that being a Chef is more about management than it is about cooking, though cooking is VERY important. Do you guys have any recommendations for books on this. I can find tons of recommendations on books to teach you to cook, but not make on how to be a Chef. Yes, there are a few on what it means or what it takes to be one, but I have not found many on how to actually be one. Here are some ideas as to what I am referring to:
  • how to deal with proprietors
  • how to find new proprietors
  • how to manage time for dealing with admin chit and still have time to deal with your staff.
  • Goals for how long you should have to spend on this stuff. [I mean my chef spends a ridiculous amount of time on these things and is forever ordering the wrong chit, asking me how to manage his files, email and forms he needs to use for the company chit.]
These are just a start on what is going through my head. I actually don't have the time or room in my head to deal with any of this right now but I want to put it on my list. If I can put it on my list I will be able to get it out of my head and focus on the things that matter right now. I am a bit of a control freak as well as a planner. I know it would be easier if I just didn't worry about it but I do. I am to old not to take this chit seriously if I want to have a future in this industry other than as a line cook.

All-in-all I am sure I can and will figure it out, I just HATE the idea of reinventing the wheel. I would much rather have the spec sheet on the wheel and work on improving it if that makes sense. 
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I am not 100% sure this fits the bill for what I am asking for, however I am going to get it anyway. Thank you very much for this book recommendation! . 
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You're welcome. You might also consider some of the other books shown on that site.

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