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    Good morning. I have recently started 'cooking' as a hobby and find it most enjoyable. I do however have a bit of a problem and could use some friendly advice please.

    I live in France and was recently persuaded by some French friends to make them 'English fish & chips. (Feech an Sheeps) My wife bought me a fryer for my birthday recently so I thought I should christen it. I made a batter using Guiness and all seemed to be going well, when the fish came out of the fryer it was a lovely 'Guiness' colour and was nice and crisp. The problem is by the time it got to the table the batter was soft, not a disaster by any means but not as crisp as I would have preferred. I needed to cook five pieces of fish and so the first couple had to go into the oven to keep hot but the final pieces were served directly to the table. I could really use some friendly advice as to how to make a batter that maintains its crispness throughout please. The chips were great and the onion rings were crisp right to the plate. I would be pleased to receive guidance on how to cook the perfect Guiness batter that is going to stay crisp right to the last mouthfull. Perhaps you have a recipe that uses some other medium rather than Guiness??

    Thank you all for taking time to read this..........Have a nice day.