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What was your worst good day?  I know that sounds silly but the kind of day I'm talking about is when the orders come in waves and the entire kitchen goes from gazing out at the diningroom idly chatting with each other  to being in the jungle and it goes on all day long.  Or when something breaks down that causes the kitchen to grind to a halt.. that kind of thing.  Even though the day was the worst for whatever reason, the kitchen made it through without any major issues at all.  That kind of day. 

I think today was my newest worst good day.  Sundays are always sketchy and the KM booked today off.  At the time I was sure it was karma for my taking last Sunday off.  (they had a nightmare day last Sunday) It started out like a regular Sunday.. orders enough to keep us working but not overwhelmed.. then church let out.  We went from one or two orders at a time to a full board and tickets streaming out of the printer at record speed inside of fifeen minutes.  So of course we landed in the weeds.  It came in waves like that for the rest of the day.  Our longest chit time was twenty minutes and that was because the egg station got a ton of orders at once and well there is only so much room on a grill.  No one lost their cool even in the heat of it.  We did 550 people in four and a half hours and in all of that madness I had only one remake (dumba$$ customer didn't realize we use white cheddar and expected orange cheddar in their spinach-cheddar omelette so they thought it was swiss), two sendbacks because they wanted the mcd's version (deep fried) breakfast potatoes and it clearly says homefried potatoes on the menu, and one because some customer was offended because her poached medium eggs had runny yolks and she expected them to be firm.  (then order poached well if you want a firm yolk!)  We did have some overmakes because the egg guy was trying to "help" me do board and once I told him to just stick to eggs the overmakes stopped.  For a Sunday that was damn good!

I'm interested in hearing your good bad day stories!
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You've got a tight crew there, take you left hand and pat your right shoulder.

I usually work alone.

I remember coming into work one morning and before I made it to the parking lot, saw a 4' hole in my window.  As I pulled up, I saw the regualr security guy with his foot on the bumper of his car yakking into his phone.  So I asked him if he had already called the cops.  I'll never forget his answer:

"No.... Why?"

Then I saw the front parking lot was under a half-foot of water, the water main to the bldg had burst.  Things kinda slid downhill from there on. 

Took me half the morning to clean up the glass, but It didn't really matter 'cause we had no water, had to cancel 3 days worth of contracts.

Icing on the cake was a month later when the landlord billed us for "our share" of the repairs to the water main......  
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thanks, foodpump!

Your water story reminds me of the day I went in early (and it was also a Sunday) to make soup for the next day as I was going to be off.  Well I started work early but I wasn't making soup... I was cleaning up a massive flood.  There was a leak in the roof and we had alot of heavy rain the day before and overnight so all of that water  came into the restaurant right above the crepe and lunch stations.  We delayed opening (we could not safely carry food in the kitchen) and finally when we had it under control we were able to open but with a very reduced menu (fruit, tea and coffee only) to begin with.  We had to pitch everything that was on the line and when it was safe we could restock with new product.  Still that day I think we did close to 500 even with the delayed opening.   Landlord is being a jerk about it and blaming our contractors for it.. HMM... we have been open for over a year and went through torrential downpours before and a summer of rain with no issues... he just doesn't want to pay the bill.  And the battle wages on for that one...
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I was a 3rd shift line cook for a small chain restaurant while in college.

The general manager was around my age but not much in the way of brain matter.

He bypassed the first day of deer hunting season and did not schedule accordingly.

4:00 am comes and the restaurant starts to fill up.

Just me and a server, and 125 hungry hunters.

I told the server to take orders and I started to make the coffee.

As the morning rolled on we lost a few customers to the wait but most everybody else was patient and understanding.

The server got great tips and she shared.

7:00am rolled around and the morning shift came in to a disaster.

I never got a thank you or even a acknowledgement of what we had accomplished from the kid mangler. 
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 That manager doesn't sound like the brightest crayon in the box, Chefross!  It was nice of the server to share her tips with you!
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We had a catering for 600 people for san diego catering to complete by 3 PM. We began prepping around 9 am and around 10:30am the water stopped flowing, somebody cut off the water and we had no idea what was going on. One of our neighbors had a busted waterline and had management cut off water to the whole building. We were like, now what are we going to do. We have another location that is twice as small but managed to drive as fast as we could (legally) to the other site and begin prepping for the order. Somehow we managed to deliver the food on time and now we always have some kind of emergency plan just in case something goes really goes bad. I was so relieved after the drop off, because earlier I thought we were going to disappoint 500 people.


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My first busy night alone in the kitchen. The place I was at at the time seated about 25. We did 60 that night. It was a Wednesday evening and the chef wasn't picking up his phone and we didn't have a dishwasher. I was ripping through pans so fast there was a point where I was cooking pasta orders in pots. Pretty much anything that had a surface that could be heated was fair game at that point. Needless to say, at the end of the night the server and I plowed through a veritable Mt Everest of dishes. Never has a beer tasted so good. It may sound cheesy, but I think that experience forged a friendship between that server and I. We had a couple of other nights like that one, but judging by the fact we had gotten through, we knew we could do it again. And again if necessary. You just have to put your head down and work. Oh and halfway through a couple of cooks (I assume) came into the kitchen to ask if they could borrow some dough. I think the raging death-stare I threw their way was more than effective in answering their question.

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