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    Hello my name is Greg.  I am currently finishing my last year of law school.  I do not hope to ever be a culinary professional but I would like to become a better cook.  I am fairly proficient in the kitchen and can usually execute challenging recipes.  That said I would like to become more innovative.  I would like to be able to come up with my own recipes for unique meals.  I think I still have much to do to develop a strong foundation.  I am happy to be here and excited to learn.
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    We're glad you're here Greg, and hope you'll enjoy exploring the site. Being part of this community can help make you a better cook- it's helped me! Because Chef Talk's membership is so varied (professionals, veteran home cooks, international in scope, intergenerational), this is probably the very best place on the Internet to interact with others who love food and cooking and are willing to share what they know. We home cooks are encouraged to read in all forums, but must reserve posting in the Professional forums to the pros. The General forums are for us to use for posting. Let a moderator know if you have a question about that or any other facet of the site.

    Besides the discussion forums, you won't want to miss the cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, and other excellent features at the main site. The archives are rich sources of information as well. Using the search tool can help you mine the earlier conversations on fundamental topics of all kinds. I recommend being mindful of the dates of the posts, though, as some of the conversations go back into the 1990s; should you decide to resurrect a conversation, be aware there may have been a hiatus in the chatter.

    We hope you'll enjoy being part of this vibrant community, and that you'll visit often to learn and to share. 


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    Welcome to Cheftalk Greg,

    There is alot of info here, we look forward to seeing you around the forums.