Gonna cook Peruvian dish. Needs suggestions!

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I’ll be cooking a Peruvian dish for my grandparents this weekend and I need suggestions. This will be my first time cooking a Peruvian cuisine and I badly need your help on what to cook. My grandma loves a foreign dish, so I’m thinking a Peruvian dish is a breath of fresh air. What should I make them that they will surely drool over?
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Lomo Saltado would be my first thought.

Also Llapingachos. They are more Ecuadorian, but common in Peruvian restaurants. I mention them because they are a favorite of mine.
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Hi everyone. I'll try to look up your suggestions and see if I can somehow cook them all for my grandparents. Thanks
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The green sauce! That god given creation...green sauce!!! Don't cook anything that could be dipped without that dang Peruvian green sauce!!!!!!

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