Going to Ferrandi!

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Hello fellow cooks. My name is Austin and I live in los Angeles. I have been studying at the le cordon bleu in pasadena and felt that i wanted to take my education to the next level. Having said that, i have decided to move to paris to attend Ferrandi. Please give me what ever advice you have on finding an apartment that accepts pets (taking mugsy my english bulldog) and what is the best way to find a part time job.

thank you for your help. I am extremely excited about my move and new adventures in France.

best wishes,

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Austin, congratulations! What exciting news. And welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe.

I suggest you post this request in one of the forums here such as Global Chefs, Culinary Students or Chef Talk! (for professionals), where you will likely attract better replies. Here in the Welcome Forum is where we post introductions.

We hope you enjoy this site and all it has to offer. Be sure to visit the main Chef Talk site for great articles, cook book reviews and notes from culinary students.

Bon voyage et bonne chance en France!

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I may be wrong but this might not be the best time to relocate to France. Despite what some might say, the political situation does indeed trickle down to lowly kitchen apprentices. If you must though, wear thick skin.
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