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Hey everyone!  I'm a student at American University in Washington, DC and I'm studying business with a focus on entrepreneurship.  My main goal is to open up a bakery.  I have a question pertaining to what culinary school/program I should enroll in.

Located very close to my school is L'Academie de Cuisine in Maryland.  They have a 20 week program in which you learn the basics of the pastry arts.  I could complete this while still in school here in DC.

But then Johnson and Wales has a program called garnish your degree, which will take a year to complete after I earn my bachelors.

My question is if anyone knows what may be better (quality wise) or if you have any reviews of either school.  

Thank you so much!
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Jenna Leigh:

My advice is to forget both of the aforementioned schools! Neither school is worth the exorbitant tuition that they charge!

Check the following links for a community college which suits your needs and finances:




Shaw's Guide


Anne Arundel Community College

Baking and Pastry Program

Baking and Pastry Arts Operations Certificate

HCAT Staff

HCAT Instructional Staff

HCAT Food and Culinary Arts Instructors

HCAT Culinary Arts and Wine Academy

College Directory - Adjunct [Susan Notter]

Please see my post about the two best community college Baking and Pastry programs in the USA in this thread.

Good luck. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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