Going on a stage - what to take?

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Hello all,

I've been a reader on here for a while, lurking in the background. I'm about to go on a two week stage though so thought I'd make an account to see what chefs and cooks with a bit more experience thought I should take.

Day to day at work I use a box to hold my kit which knife wise includes:

8 & 10 inch chef knife

Pastry knife

Boning knife

Filleting knife

Parers (basic parer, turning knife, serrated 'tomato knife)

Victorinox slicing knife (restaurant smokes and cures it's own Salmon, Pancetta, etc so when working breakfast or on the larder it's fantastic)

Other kit also lives in that same box of course such as:




Fish slice

Palette knife
Pinbone tweezers

Plating tweezers
Piping nozzles

Pastry brush


Going away on my first stage I'm planning on cutting back to a knife roll just because it's easier to move around. Turning up at a new kitchen for a stage with a box will usually provoke a fair bit of eye rolling as well of course!

What kit would people advise for a stage to bring? Would the best bet be just cutting down to the bare minimum? I.e. Chef knife, serrated knife (a pastry knife in my preference), parer, peeler.

The majority of my kit is Victorinox so it's rugged enough and will travel fine in a roll or the box.
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make sure you get assigned a locker ....otherwise soon your stuff will start going missing.
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