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    Hi and good day I'm new here 

    Back in 1999 right after high school i went on to  Pennsylvania Culinary  in Pittsburgh this was Before  Le Cordon Blue 

    bought and took it over 

    I am now living in South Florida  

    and i am debating about going to Le Cordon Blue in Miami 

    or i also thought about the Art institute Culinary Program  how ever i felt that they just where all about the money and not the students i heard some bad things well not really bad but not great and one friend even told me to stay away from them the only thing perhaps that they might be good for is there culinary program but other than that the one here in south Florida is a joke school 

    also i heard that on an average at least 2 students a year with drawl from that school and end up going to  Lincoln Culinary witch brings us to that next

    I was also thinking about the Lincoln Culinary Tech Center School 

    i am going for an Associates in Culinary Arts 

    Lincoln  is  30,000  for that program and 

    Le Cordon Blue  campus is 37,000 

    does anyone know about these to schools 

    and any information you could give me about them 

    Both Schools are about the same distance from where i live 40 minutes drive each way 

    i do think that its a shame that Le Cordon Blue 

    recommends a few other kitchen tools that they don't supply in there student tool kit  

    would think that they would at least  supply a bird beak knife a grater a straight fork 

    and a few other items but they don't 

    i remember PA Culinary had everything included right down to the Shoes here you have to go out and buy your own