Goat cheese cream sauce was a little gritty

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Evening everyone,

I had some tired vegetables that I needed to do something with, so I whipped up some fusilli with a goat cheese cream sauce and roasted vegetables.  The flavor was fantastic, but the goat cheese came out a little gritty.

I think I know, but I'd like some confirmation and perhaps an understanding of why.  I put the goat cheese into the pan when it was hot, so I'm assuming that did something to the proteins.  Also, I had a good amount of lemon juice in the sauce (didn't think about it at the time), and I'm assuming that too added to it.

So, why did that happen and what's the best way to prevent it?  Should I put the cheese into a double boiler and then temper it into the sauce?  I add cheeses like mascarpone into sauces all the time without any issues.

Thanks all.
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I had some garlic and herb goat cheese so put it on some pork tenderloin medallions last night and attempted to melt it on top in the oven.  It didn't really melt well and was also gritty.  I'd like to know what caused that, too!  The pork was good with a drizzle of balsamic reduction on top.


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Not all cheeses melt well. Limburger goes gritty when you melt it too. Just add chevre to the list.
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This was a French goat cheese.  How does chevre differ?  

I'm still curious why it doesn't melt well, so I can understand before I make the mistake on another type of cheese.  Is it the fatty acids that are present in goat cheese, protein, something else?
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Some of the curds from some cheeses will not dissolve.When one makes a sauce incorporating cheese, straining it or passing through a sieve is a good idea. When using whey the same thing could happen because some of the curd could be in it.
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