Go ahead- tell your ingredients how much you love them!

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Share the love! Tell your ingredients how you feel!

(I got inspired with an email to chefsmikeworld- Cheffy- here's the revision!!! Love, Cheffie!)

[B]My Favorite Things

Give me garlic- give me more!
Give me ginger
Give me scallions,
or any onions of any kind!
Fish sauce-nuac mam- you are my secret, stealthy friend- like your cousin, soy sauce.
Salt and sugar- you balancing act ! you always help me out, don't you?
Vinegars, Lime & lemon juice- you tarty things!
Sesame oil: what I would do without you!
Oh fresh ground black pepper, you are always there, aren’t you, hovering in the backround!
Hello Cilantro, Basil & Mint- what a delightful trio you are (I didn't forget you, tamer friend, parsley)
My smoker and my charbroiler: you are magicians- oh what you do!
Chicken Fat : Hello Schmaltz! You transform the mundane into outrageously decadent! Pork & Bacon fat, you are the heavier, sexier twin…
Rooster sauce- my lethal weapon
Truffle oil, my oh my my my you sexy thang! Can you say Umami!
You are all so good and agreeable in my hands- I love you all!

Love, Cheffie[/B]
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Am glad the CheffyBoy was such an inspiration to the CheffieGirl...LOL

That is really cute, ya had me laughing pretty good with that email...

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The CheffieChick and I got on this subject yesterday and I thought this would be a good place to talk about it...

>>>and these are a few of my favorite things<<<

Asian flavors---man...how can you not love asian flavors...here are a couple of my faves...Housemade hoisin sauces infused with some funky pepper, my favorite to date is chipotle, and for those that know me, anything with chipotle rocks with the CheffyBoy...Char Su marinades---I love the distinction of CharSu marinades and use them for a variety of proteins, including tofu and tempeh...the fish sauce family...sambal oelek or any homemade sambal for that matter....this entire train of thought is virtually endless...

Other than that...garlic, garlic,garlic,garlic,garlic,garlic,garlic,garlic

Making roasted garlic powders and adding them to my favorite spice blends.
My cooks call roasted garlic "CheffyCandy" LOL;;;Rubs, marinades, infusions, confusions and delusions...

Hey CheffieChick....why don't we pick an ingredient and talk about off the wall
crap that we have done or have been thinking about doing with that ingredient...that would be kind of fun, especially since it appears that we have somewhat of the same flavor profile...

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Rice paper and noodles...

Take a round peice of rice wrapper cut it in half....

You can dip the rice paper in different food colorings if you want for effect...

Stand the rice paper upright with cut side down on top of your char grill and you can shape and form your paper...I like to make an S-shape like this and use it for presentation of spring rolls...Towered spring roll on either side of the S with an arabesque of different color sauces...pretty cool looking

I love to use thick Rice Noodles and Shrimp chips for different colors and variations on displays, they add color and bulk to the displays, plus are awesome for filling up barespots in the display..

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Hi CheffyBoy and all! Had some problems with my password, but I'm back! Love your idea of picking a certain ingredient, but so many come to mind.
Also love your ideas for rice paper- I deep fry it into a bowl and use it to hold a Thai Beef Salad (hot beef, cool salad) Presentation is striking with all the colors of the salad and the contrasting temperatures, textures and flavors. I serve it with handmade (soft) lettuce spring rolls, a cold peanut noodle salad and garnish the plate with thinly sliced marinated cucumbers and a sprinkle of Wasabi dried peas.

One of the most nasty off the wall thing I have prepared: A chunk of cheddar, wrapped in bacon, battered and deep fried.Don't know what I was thinking. (I know bacon - bad for fryer oil- but I got my grease quota for the day!) I am so sure I can think of other grease laden or just gross culinary adventures. I know I witnessed one at a CIA demo that involved a duck press and the blood involved, sorry-love the history lesson, but not for me.

Have been thinking about: making a Tabouleh with basil, parlsey, mint and cilantro with possibly sesame oil and seeds. Kind of an Asian spin on the traditional Lebanese version.

Worst sounding/pleasantly suprising results: "Liquid Pizza" -I took a bunch of leftover Parmesano Reggiano rinds, put them in my trademark marinara, and let them slowly melt over a double boiler. We enjoyed this at a party at our house in NY the night before we moved to Kansas, I added fresh basil and oregano, we dipped it up with ciabbata bread- oh, it was exquisite.
Will post more as I think of them!
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Oh my,I forgot duck fat & duck confit!!!

Has anyone had hand cut french fries cooked in pure chicken fat? Had it at a restaraunt in Napa, can't look at Mickey Dees anymore- to die for!

have yet to try this with duck fat!
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How about Duck Breast Proscuitto...toss it with the oil from the confit you make out of the left over duck...seasoned with roasted garlic...mmmm....


Woohoo...life Cheffy style....

I have a pic that I did a year or so ago...duck proscuitto atop roasted corn budin muffin with sundried vegetables, a parmesean and thyme tuille and duck demi...it rocked...will post the pic tomorrow, it was pretty rocking...


86'd Wade's menu...

Friday am going ape with the Asian thingy...

Pan fried sesame crusted Salmon over Mesclun/Herb mix tossed with a Chipotle/Roasted Garlic Hoisin Cream Dressing or Ginger/Soy/Fish Sauce Vinaigrette

The dressing freaking rocked...can drink the Chipolte Hoisin dressing...one of my best in a long time...don't you love it when your imagination pushes the envelope and you invent something that makes you go..." Oh my god Cheffy...that is freaking awesome..."

Hee hee...

Man, do I love food...

When all else fails...dream about food....

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