GMO Labling

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How do you all feel about this subject? Many European countries boycott US produce that isn't labeled and they are skeptical about consuming GMOs. Would anybody boycott GMO foods?


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I wouldn't fear them automatically. GMOs can take many forms. The main one the press and fears are all over are transgenic varieties. Transgenic meaning that genetic info from one or more species is grafted into another one for some perceived gain. I think there are serious risks here, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be researched nor that it should never be consumed. Never is too powerful a term for the potential that could be realized.

On the other hand, GMO can also take the form of artifically expressing or inhibiting traits already present in the genome. I don't fear that.

And on the third hand--if one exists-- species classification in botany is a scientific disaster. Varieties are granted species classifciations in spite of the generally accepted, though flawed, definition of species making the classification of transgenic GMOs difficult to actually classify.

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