gluten free pie crust.

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Today I made a gluten free pie crust using half butter and half lard using Ruhlmans' ratio. The fats were well chilled and the water was ice cold and I didn't handle very much.  Let it rest about twenty minutes then rolled it out. 

   When I attempted to put the rolled dough in the pie pan, the bottom crust tore a bit. The top crust more or less fell apart. 

I'm blaming the lack of cohesiveness on the lack of gluten. Would working the dough more help it hold together?  Would more water in the dough help it hold together? I put just enough to make the dough ball. 

Is there a way to get the dough into the pie pan without it falling apart? 
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Rug lambs gouge tends toward greasy and soft even with gluten flour. Your experience mimics mine. It bakes up very nice but requires careful handling.

Or translated:

Ruehlman's dough...
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Lard is almost liquidy especially at room temp.  The thing to do with a larded dough is work it a bit, refrigerate, work it a bit, refrigerate and so on.  You would not have had your problems with tearing should you have used 100 percent butter.

Read this thread of mine for further information and strategies on using lard.
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Thank you both for replying. Since I bought three pounds of lard, I guess I'll do more experimenting. I'll reread the thread  again when I do to remind me of all that. 

Oh, and thanks Brian for the translation. I thought for a second I was stroking out. Might make a good band name though. 

The pie did turn out ok anyway. It was for a young gluten free friend. She was quite happy just being able to eat the pie.
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what flour were you using? you need a mix with some higher protein flours such as sorghum or millet and starches. and the easiest way I've found to keep dough intact is roll between 2 sheets of plastic wrap, carefully remove one piece, then flip over into pan. it definitely doesn't work the same as wheat flour crusts. also chill after making dough for at least 1/2 an hour.
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