Gluten free garlic bread

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Hello - it's me!

My best friend has not been well recently and having visited the doctors she was given a list of resistant starches that she had to avoid - among them was her favourite food, garlic bread. I'm really hoping someone can help me help her by providing a recipe for a garlic bread she might be able to enjoy and digest easier? I won't cook it myself because I'm rubbish and my oven doesn't work but Baz will be able to and he's a good cook so please don't feel you have to simplify the recipe too much.

She's been having a really hard time recently with her aunt being admitted to hospital and now her brother too. I'd like to be able to do something to cheer her up and figured this would be a good way to try. Please help if you can!

We've not been talking as much recently and I'm worried I might have upset her - you will be doing me a huge favour if you can get me back in the good books!



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I'm not knowledgeable about gluten free cooking. And you didn't mention which other starches she should avoid. I'm not impressed generally with recrafted foods to imitate something else. I'd approach it more from what else is good and will serve the purpose. 

So perhaps a cooled polenta seasoned with garlic, sliced, and grilled. 
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I like to start with this as my bread:

Due to the different texture of gf bread I like to used Boursin cheese as my garlic flavoring. It makes it a bit more palletable.

2 loafs of gf bread
1/2 round Boursin cheese
2 tbsp butter, softened
1/4 cup salty white cheese(parm, Romano, feta, ect..)

Cut gf loafs in half lengthwise

Spread softened butter evenly over the cut portion of the bread

Spread the Boursin cheese over the butter layer

Place the 4 1/2 loafs Ina sheet pan and sprinkle white cheese on top of the Boursin layer

Pre heat oven to 425(gas) 459(electric) and bake for 4-7 minutes

The wife has been gf for 4 years. She loves it. I hope it works for you

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