globular poached eggs

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Hi All,

Can anyone let me in on how to poach the perfect, globular shaped poached eggs, in a busy cafe setting? I've included a link to a picture of what I'd consider are the perfect poached eggs.

We are currently using fresh, free range eggs going into about 6L water with 20ml/L vinegar but the eggs don't hold their shape and just disperse when broken into the water. They come out poached with good consistency but the appearance is still very messy.


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In reality it spins off the runny part of the white and leaves the more compact white close to the egg.
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The only way I know of to do this is using an immersion circulator. Start your eggs cold in the shells and slowly bring them up to I think 142-147 F.

Then crack them into your poaching water and complete the cooking. The shape will be perfect.
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The freshest eggs poach the cleanest. Swirling the water when cracking the eggs helps also.
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Couple of thoughts. I think your water to vinegar ratio is off. For  that much water I would add more vinegar. You can add quite a lot before it affects the egg flavor. 

Your water may not be hot enough. The pan should be low simmering when the eggs go in. This helps the egg whites begin to set as soon as they touch the water. If you add to many eggs the water temp cools off too much and the eggs whites will disperse. 

Drop fewer eggs at a time so the water maintains temperature. 

Swirling will help if the other factors are correct. 
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