Global sustainability

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How does it affect your job, and do you take it into consideration where you work? Here in Finland we try to take care of every aspect of customers needs, including alternative protein sources. Crickets etc. However I still see a lot of restaurants throwing tons of shit away when the day ends. Seems like poor management or lack of professionalism to me.. Can't profit from thrown away food, can you.. Okay, getting sidetracked here..
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Tell ya what...

When I ran my own businesses, no edible food made it into the garbage. A lot of this was good planning, daily purchasing, and some of it was calling up the Food Bank to pick up.

I know it can be done, because I did it for 20 odd years.

But now I work for others. I see food that should be sold that goes on and rots in the walk in. I see sh*tty planning, even sh*ttier purchasing, and food left over from a guarantee party of 70 where only 40 show up go in the garbage.

The only way there will be a lot less waste is when the food prices increase to 1000% and the owners are forced to actually smarten up.....
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