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    I am a cancer survivor (I hope) and my son has decided that I needed a hobby so to keep myself busy I have started a food blog on-line. I have always loved to cook and now want to share my creations and get ideas from others. So I joined the forum here. I have been coming up with several experiments in cooking.  I always have a willing taster in my little Scottie Katie, and of course my wife.
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    Welcome, ChefBear7! We're glad you've found us and hope you enjoy being part of this rich community of food-lovers and chefs. By exploring the forums, cooking articles and all the great features here, you'll have lots of new ideas to whip up for Katie and your wife to taste very soon.

    I'm a cancer survivor myself, and I know how important it is to have something (or someone) beyond yourself to focus on. Food is a great choice! I have a bumper sticker (from one of my favorite food product companies) that says, "Love people- cook them tasty food". I do that every day for my husband, and that's helped me keep going through a lot of health challenges. I hope it gives you the same lift.

    What are some of the dishes you like to prepare? Are there ingredients you especially like to work with? Are there items that are from your heritage or region that are favorites? 

    We hope you visit and participate in Chef Talk often. Welcome!

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