Glad to be around

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Arrived at via Top Secret Recipes, and pelased to be around.

When I was younger in South Africa,
Chinese (cantonese) wedding banquites for
400 - 800 guests serving 9 course meals,
of which 7 / 8 were served hot, and cooked or heated on site by caterers / restaurants.

Swedish Primus kerosene/paraffin stoves, and later propane gas.
Woks, bamboo steamers and large pots.

First course was always the three friends -
roast pork, char siew and liver sausages.
followed by a mushroom, a duck, a chicken,
a deep fried and a stir fried, soup, seafood and a desert.

By watching the preparation before the banquet,
so evolved my home cooking techniques ala Reataurant/catering methods.
High heat, intuitive flavouring, quick serving and a few shortcuts.

I am an eclectic home cook, rather passionate . somehwat meditative whilst in preparation, but enjoy foods generally.

HATE MSG......... ;-{

till next time :rolleyes:
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Firstly, sorry 4 being late in acknowledging all the warm passionate and tasty morsels of welcome, forgot my password, and forgot how to retrieve it,... at last, back on line.

Sure feel at home already, just like the good chats araound the well scrubbed wooden kitchen tables, with the aroma from the coal stoves, on top and in the oven.

feeling my way around this homely cafe, and getting quite excited about sharing more tales from here, there and everywhere.

when last in South Africa (jan - jun 20000
joined a friend on a privaate hunting trip, I do not shoot myself, but enjoy the outdoor and cameradie.

after Edward shot a Rooibok, the liver was cooked same night, in a very hot cast iron pot over hardwood coals.

sunflower seed oil, fresh ginger root, brandy and soy sauce, with a heavy grinding of black pepper.

The liver inside, hot but still red and crunchy, outside, just burnt, accompanied by Brandy and heavy grainy brown bread, of course under stars,
unfortunately the rain arrived soon after we had finished meal to shorten the tales around the camp fire.

The farm was in the Zeerust area of Old Western Transvaal of Mselikatsi fame.

More next time about my Wine journey through the western Cape.

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My Ou maatjie Kaapse Hoofkoek [Cape Chef],
dink jy kan my wild lewer smaak, ja nee ??

btw, KWV seels a Roberts Creek, merlot blend at C$8.95 (Rands 42), good valu drinking,
a wee bit above the lucky Tassies.

Sure missing my Smoked snoek, kingklip, kreef,
my liewe hemel, Seafoods are pricey here,
though meats on sepcial offer are cheaper than South Africa.

I can still taste a suiker soet Geel Kakama Kling perske or brown Hannepoort of the vines,
jeeslyk, memory lane is sweet dreaams.

groete aan die babelaas,

glutz aka geel gevaar
Joined Mar 13, 2001
apologies for using Afrikaans and some Cape slang,
it was an impetuous response to 'Cape Chef's

btw, that's how I tackle my fusion style pot lucks.

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