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Question for chefs and owners out there, do you support any charitable organizations with donations of products, time or services? If so in what ways? Reason I ask is that we are looking at ways to give back to the community and to the less fortunate that we may not have considered of thought about.

This could be seasonal ideas or year around ideas. There are several organizations we support in different ways but we're always looking to do more. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I started a few homeless feeding programs with my clients serving the community over the years. I picked a day one day a week and offered lunch with my clients serving it up and acting as waiters and waitresses. I also ran the holiday feeding program during the holidays. That being said and in many cases the holidays is the time everyone does something for the homeless. I think it's important to follow through with a feeding program all year long. I picked food because this is what I do well. I did a Sunday morning omelet feed for the mission in my town every week. I got to know many of the people at the mission. I asked one of the guys what he did all week being homeless. He said I have nothing in this world to look forward to. The Sunday breakfast omelet you come and make us makes us feel like we're special. These were 6 egg meat lovers omelets made in omelet pans while they waited at the kitchen door. They loved watching the omelet being made knowing it was for them. I also remember asking them what they wanted for Christmas. Almost all of them asked for Sterno so they could keep warm and have a small fire in whatever place they bedded down. I may have helped start a lot of fires in town without even knowing it. I think it's important to find out what the needs are in you community. This was also a great way to get some of my employees involved. When you have your employees work along with you in a community charity it makes them feel great. We can talk about working as a team all we want but really doing it speaks louder then words...........ChefBillyB
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I support a non profit that provides sack lunches and hot meals to those kids who depend heavily on the school breakfast and lunch programs.

Some deliver and some have central distribution sites (neighborhood parks usually).

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A place I worked for opened an extra night June through September.  They called it Blue Monday.   A Blue Plate Special consisting of a meat and three.  Live music and yes it was the blues.  A percentage of gross sales was donated to a food bank I believe was run by the Salvation Army. 
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