Give me your dream ravioli fillings

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My sister is coming to stay at my place for a couple days and she enjoys cooking like I do. We were talking about various things we could tackle while I was mentioning the equipment I have. She informed me that she had never made ravioli. So we're going to make some and while I've done some basic fillings before.. ricotta, sausage, basil, etc. the sky really is the limit.

What would be your dream filling? If you have an actual recipe for ratios etc. please share that as well. Also - in many cases a sauce will be paired with the filling .. for instance lobster might be served with something of a lobster bisque or it could equally go well with a garlic beurre blanc. So if you have ideas on sauces I'd love to hear those too!

I can procure most ingredients.. although I have never seen a truffle before.. I'm sure they exist somewhere in Central Florida but I've never seen them available for sale at any of my haunts. We have Indian and Asian markets available. Seafood is usually readily available and fresh.

Look forward to hearing from my cheftalk friends on this!
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grilled spiny lobster ravioli with a coconut, vanilla bean, caradmom sauce

conch and Spanish chorizo ravioli with a yellow bell pepper, yellow tomato, marcona almond romesco sauce

grilled cacoa nib rubbed shrimp ravioli with a tamarind, black sapote, cracked black pepper sauce
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Not savory, sweet and tangy. A little powdered sugar, mascarpone and lemon juice (or curd if I have some). Sometimes Lemoncello as well. Chambord in the sauce, nice with blackberries.

. . .and onto my to do list it goes. 
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Butternut squash with brown butter sage and toasted hazelnuts

Lobster ravioli with champagne cream sauce

Leek ravioli with egg yolk and brown butter sage

Ham and cheese ravioli with bechamel
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Thanks for the ideas so far! Using egg yolk in a ravioli has always intrigued me. I bet the technique of cooking the pasta without cooking the yolk past the runny state is not as simple as one might imagine. I've seen in photos that the pasta is usually quite thin.

One my brother and I had planned to do but haven't yet.. is a chicken liver puree with caramelized shallots. I would add sauteed mushroom but his wife doesn't care for mushrooms. Doing some form of chicken demi-glace with maybe some fried sage.

I'm hungry now.
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Go to Parks produce stand in Plant City and see what is fresh.  I like fresh spinach ricotta filling with a Parmesan cream sauce. 
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Fig and blue cheese, they are my ultimate favorite. I use a little ricotta in it so i don't have to overwhelm the filling with blue cheese. I make a brown butter sage sauce for the pasta.
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