Girls, How Do You Look When You Walk Into Your Kitchen?

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My newest look in the kitchen.
My gal-pal @durangojo
my obsession for aprons, 
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
She's back in California again and sent me this
from the Fetzer Vineyards, 
My MIL made the soon to be 4 yo Grand and I matching aprons.
Even embroidered our names on the bibs.
Funny thing... the love of baking seems to skip generations in our family.
Although too soon to prove.
You could not bribe me out of Gma Van's kitchen.
My daughter has to be bribed to enter one lol.
Now her daughter is my permanent side kick.

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@flipflopgirl  photos please?

how adorable!

I have no keikis, so no one to play with

My grand-nephews love my food and make many requests, but

they won't come into the kitchen and cook/bake with me

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