Girls, How Do You Look When You Walk Into Your Kitchen?

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I rarely have make up on when I go to work-- when I was younger I did my make up every morning before work, but once I hit my 30's, I just didn't care so much. I do use a sunscreen facial moisterizer every day though. Once in a while I'll have eyebrow pencil and mascara on, usually if I'm expecting to be trotted out in front of the guests for some reason like a special dinner.
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Our winter is probably 7 months of the year - our summer?  Probably 3 weeks!

We have lots and lots of rain - we have many ways of describing it from mizzle, drizzle to stair-rods!  We have a lot of humidity in our 'summer' as we are near the coast.  We also have sea-mists, known locally as haars. We have lots of 'weather' - very little of which could be called 'nice'!
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Ishbel, I can relate about rain and humidity. 

Having lived most of my life in one of the wettest spots on the Earth,

I hardly ever wore foundation. 

It was way too sticky and make up would cake up. 

How do you cope? 

Where I worked, I was fortunate to have a boss (a woman)

who didn’t get fussy about attire. 

I had a back office job, no one ever saw me. 

I did have a job when I was much younger that it was required to wear full make up, do your hair, wear hose, the whole sha-bang!!   
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Make-up in my kitchen?  No way for me.  I'm lucky to be wearing clothing, let alone make-up.  I do tie my hair back, and if it's hot, I use a clasp to pin up the tied-back hair so it's off my neck.  In the summer I wear rubber flip-flops and panties, and a t-shirt if it's not sweat-dripping hot.  In the coldest part of winter I add the bottoms of long underwear to the outfit, and sometimes a pair of thick warm socks.  The only shortcoming is potential harm from hot cooking.  I have a nice pair of thick oven mitts, and I'm very careful to have my chest covered when I'm frying things.
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I rarely wear makeup... actually I haven't since my very early twenties... wow I'm old...LOL.  I do keep a skin cleanser and moisturizer in my work bag though and I use them at the end of a shift. 

If I wear makeup it's either for a wedding, funeral or a Christmas party....
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I desperately needed to color my hair today!  So as the chicken that was going on the gas grill tonight was marinating, I ran down to Sally Beauty, got my Wella color I like, mixed ‘er up, an hour and a half later, Bob’s your Uncle!! Oh yea, I even gave myself a pedi will the color developed!! 
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Well, I did it!

I chopped off my long hair!  I can still get it into a ponytail so as not to get anything in to the food!! 

So much cooler, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. 

My Mom was always on me, "you know dear as we get older we really should cut our hair short." 

I guess I just had that vision in my head of LOOKING like I'm old.
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AAA - LL- OOOO -HAAA!!  LOL, You Funny! You know what I mean...

I have this habit of using my sleave to say brush the hair out of my face (or sweat)

when my hands are icky (I hate chicken hands the most)

and I inevitably schmear lipstick on me.  That's one of the hardest things to get out!
Dishwashing liquid soap ;)

Rub a dab into the lipstick spot until it's all gone. Rinse and use more of the soap if you need to.

It's meant for greasy washing up, and lipstick is greasy... Works perfectly every time :)
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hope you donated it for wigs for breast cancer patients...they would love that thick hawaiian hair, grey or not!

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Why yes Joey, yes I did donate my hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths!! 

If anyone else is thinking of cutting off their long locks, I would humbly suggest this foundation.

Were I worked (in my past life) most the gals would do this every so often.

We'd let our hair grow and then lop it all off for charity.  There would be a big hop-ti-do on TV and everything.

And yes, it's a bit grey around the edges, only Miss Clariol knows for sure. 

HA!!  AAA - LLLOOOOO - HA Ya All!! (did you know that HA in Hawaiian is breath or life, oops was that Cliff Claven talking?)
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a few years ago the local ski resort here put out a b&w  nude calendar.....all older(think they called it mature men of la plata county) men in risque(for there age) poses in their sport passion of choice(bicycle, kayak, running, skiing etc.) was really a kick..a 92 year old i knew(died recently at 96) posed on a chair lift, naked as a baby's butt except for his ski boots and appropiately placed poles..... guess he figured at that age who cares!, you never know...great on the hair donation...if your plans change and you end up in durango, let me know..i'll pm. my contact #'s...


 forgot to mention the calendar was a fundraiser and it did so well they had to reprint it!
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You know how WWII air crews painted stuff on the nose of their planes? We should do the same for our hobarts.
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my sita' joey...

I can just imagine that calendar being much more "interesting" than some firefight or policeman calendar!!  HAAAAA!!!!

we will most certainly give you a shout out when we come your way again. 

Oh, BTW, in the kitchen tonight, came back from the pool, kinda' feelin' like just off the beach, changed to a dry coverup and started grillin' dinner, really ono chicken and veggies.  It SOOOOO felt like a Hawaii-kind-of-day.
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