Ginger root

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A friend gave me a bunch of ginger root she pulled up to get rid of the plants. Do I need to let it dry for a period or can I use it "green"?
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Fresh, juicy ginger root is glorious! I am assuming it's not actually green, but a tawny color outside, a creamy golden color inside, right?

For starters, a newbie (avocadosammich) just posted a mango ginger marinade, so you could start there. Otherwise, try typing "ginger" into this site's search function, or try it at You can freeze it if tightly wrapped, so you can have fresh-tasting ginger for months to come. Some also immerse it in sherry or other liquids.

Enjoy your exploration!
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No need to let it dry, the fresher the better! I would plant them for a continuous supply of fresh ginger root!

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Yes, I just meant it was fresh out of the ground.

I think I will plant a couple of pieces and see what happens.
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