Ginger garnishes.

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I'm making a pear-ginger cheesecake, and I want to make candied ginger roses for garnish. I would like to have a colour similar to pickled ginger. Will beet juice/powder achieve this? And if so, should I colour the ginger before, during, or after candying?

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You might want to color before you sugar. I understand beet juice but red food color is so much quicker, you can vary the color pinks for depth, immerse the softened ginger in a light pink color and then dip the bottom in a darker pink to have a nice contrast of colors. If you decide to use beet juice (nothing wrong with that ) use the same principle, have a darker shade at the base.
Candy the rose after and let it solidify. There are many techniques for crois.

A thought.....
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How about candying a rose made from the pink pickled ginger that is served with sushi?
Is it the type of vinegar that lends that pink color?
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"Sushi ginger" is called gari in Japanese. It can sometimes naturally be a very pale pink, but if it's commercially made and the pink has any depth to it -- it's not the vinegar, it's food coloring.

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