Gi'day from Down Under :-)

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Giday from Down Under

Just a little about me... Better make a cuppa to read this I reckon!

I was born in New Zealand in 1970 later left school at the age of 15 . As I was growing up I had a passion for food and cooking so began my pursuit of a career as a Chef. (my Grandfather was a great Chef... must be in the blood)

In 1987 I began my apprenticeship as a Chef. Starting out as always... washing up pots and pans. Boy, was I glad to see the end of those 3 months. I quickly worked my way through the ranks as qualified chef.

I've had the good fortune of working at some great hotels, including the Sheraton on The Park Sydney and The Hyatt hotel among a few.

Working my way up to Sous Chef and later as Executive Chef in various Restaurants.

In the year of 2001 I was very fortunate to secure a position with a very exclusive cruise ship company called V-Ships based in Monaco. A company that supply the crew for on of the worlds most exclusive fleet of 6 star cruise ships called RADDISON Seven Seas

I was blessed to have cruised the world several times over on board the 6 star ship called the 'Seven Seas Navigator' Cruise Ship with other great chefs from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.

For an entire year I cooked fantastic food and worked directly with some of the best culinary experts in the world.

I love to teach people how to cook so I began making a site called to teach people the basics of cooking. All the content is based around the absolute basics and helping people to get started, along with some tasty and easy to prepare meal ideas. (not a promo... just giving you the whole story)

Anyway... That's about. Oh yeah... HAPPY COOKING!

Chef Lance
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Welcome, Chef Lance! I've dreamed of being on those Radisson ships. I can well imagine the wonderful ingredients you were able to use there. My brother also started washing dishes; that was in the mid-70s. His successful bistro in Iowa is 20+ years old and going strong.

We hope you enjoy being part of this community, and that you visit often to participate and gain from the diverse group here: international, home cooks and professionals, all ages. Have a look at the cooking articles, wikis, photos and more.

We're glad found us.


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I was in Australia, earlier this year - I stayed at the Hyatt on the Harbour... a great hotel which has THE most amazing cocktail bar.

I ate a couple of meals in the main restaurant and they were great - BUT, have to admit, I enjoyed my stay at the Pier One and their food was better!
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Ooroo ChefLance,

A quick G'day from an Aussie Sheila.  I'm not a pro but have had some experience.  Including many many moons cooking for my immediate family & a ruddy big extended family /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

So where across the ditch do you call home?  We're in Melbourne, Victoria, but have been mostly in Adelaide, then Darwin, then Tassie and relocated here, all work based.

I hope you find it good here - I bludge off when I need a break from work and find it very enjoyable here.  You'll find a real range of people with so much info they're willing to share.  I have learnt so much.  Your experiences on the shipping line must have been a different kettle of fish from the everyday routines (some similar of course, but the joy of being on a liner ion the ocean when you have a spare 5 minutes made it worthwhile I'd be guessing).

Hope to see you here again,

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