GF Pasta for Banquet Service

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I’m a chef for a catering firm and we just did an event for 300 people who asked for GF pasta. What a disaster! When holding pasta for service, we cover with cling film and set in a warming cart (sauced, of course). It took little time for the pasta to break down into shards with a goo-like texture! The brand name was Barilla. Any counsel for GF pasta for banquet service?
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What the Hell is GF Pasta ???? I take it that it's a off premiss catering ????/
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Hi Ron.

I found a gluten free penne that was made with red lentil flour that held up pretty well. I bought it at Costco, I forgot the brand. It came in a 4# box there. I'm sure its wholesaled through someone.

I also found out that I got my best holding recipes were ones that I used it with a minimum of sauce or oil. I also like the chickpea pasta and the black bean vermicelli.

Chickpea pasta with almonds, capers, roasted red peppers and figs.

Good luck on your next gluten-free outing!


P.S. Barilla is the WORST! Even the cheap store brand corn-based spaghetti is better.
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As chef, you should create a whole bunch of gluten free options that don't involve taking traditional products which require gluten.  Take this as an opportunity for you to steer the company in a better direction.

I mean, pasta is pasta because of gluten, so is bread.  But there are so many great options out there that have zero gluten which would be great alternatives.
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@kuan is onto something.

Create some naturally GF dishes and use them to educate those who like the idea of no gluten but other than that have no clue what they are all about.

Might lead to a couple of extra vegetarian dishes as well.


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