Getting strong taste out of pans

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Hey there, I'm just an ordinary home cook. I do love cooking. Recently, one of my roommates has started cooking what I affectionately call "vegetable stink". Throws every vegetable known to man in a deep pan with god knows what else and the pan ends up stinking to high heaven. I mean, serious stink. You try scrubbing that stuff out and doing a normal wash and it still stinks. So today I tried filling up the pan and boiling it with a bunch of lime juice. That seemed to get rid of it. Is this the preferred way of doing it? How would you all deal with it?
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If it were plain old aluminum I’d suggest getting stainless steel or aluminum with stainless cladding. I’ve only noticed residual smells with plain aluminum or cast iron.
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That’s possible, I suppose. Have you tried cleaning it with baking soda? That would have been my initial attempt.
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Non-stick surface can harbour smells, especially when it's worn out.
Washing it twice after every use seems to keep the smell under control.
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Hold a house meeting to discuss replacing the pans (peeling means the ones you have are shot).
Make sure everyone is on board with the care and feeding of the purchase.
If that doesn't solve the issue then buy your own and keep in your room.

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