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I'm a first year culinary school student right now and I want to "witness" a professional kitchen. I already have a job for this season at a hotel in Cyprus but thats a lot of time to wait. I'm not looking for a job. I'm just looking to get inside a professional kitchen and help in any way I can. No money included. I don't want to do the dishes since this is just me volunteering to help only to get satisfaction in return. I don't want to get my school involved because that could possibly damage their reputation. Do you think that I could go at a restaurant and ask someone if that would be possible? Would they accept it? Any suggestions are appreciated
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Staging is a common practice. When one stages, they work in a restaurant for a set amount of time for the experience. It might be wise to call around and ask locally if any of the restaurants have a stage program. Just a tip, "stage" is pronounced in the French way.
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If the poor kid is unfamiliar with the word ... wouldn't it be a good idea to give it to him phonetically?

Just for the general principles of it all I purposely pronounce it the way it's spelled. But that's me. I'm old and I've got my experience and rep. Anyway ...

... stahzzhh

"We work in kitchens ... It ain'te rocket surgery.".
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Judging from your name i guess you are in greece, you could look for a part time job or a commis position, as far as i know it is illegal to work for free(no ika) and the restaurant can get fined up to 10k euros.
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I copied it from someone else. I just pronounce it the way it's spelled. I think it's a geek kinda word anyway.
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Yes kid. GO to any restaurant and tell them you just want to learn and that you'll work for free. No good Chef will turn you down. If its a place you really want to be at too and they tell you "no" then go back the next day and every day after that until they say "yes". The Chef will see you are bound and determined to work for knowledge not money and he will respect that.

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