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I have decide to make the plunge into the world of sharpening and good kitchen knives. I was saving to buy a Edge Pro Apex 3 but have decided to man up and master the art of freehand sharpening.

Two topics:

1. I have been looking at water stones and I believe that the King combo 800/6000 grit stone ( would be a good place to start. I would also buy the Peacock Stone flattener ( for stone maintenance . Am I barking up the wrong tree or have I pick out a decent newbie "kit"? Am I blind squirrel finding an acorn?

2. Knives! I'm looking to buy a 240mm gyuto.

A little back round about me to help y'all help me.

This knife will be used by myself and my wife. We both pinch grip. Balance isn't an issue as long as the knife doesn't have major blade or handle bias. I am looking more for a French profile. I'm not sure about the belly shape - i.e. do I want it flat or more curvy. I want some thing was is thin but fairly robust - not a battle axe. I have thick hands with shortish fingers while my wife has normal sized hands with longish fingers. This knife will be partnered with my 10inch Victorinox Chefs and my 6inch Victorinox chefs/petty. I would prefer stainless BUT would seriously consider a carbon blade if the performance difference is in their/its favor. Budget :$ 100 to $125 .

This is the fun part. After spending two weeks browsing various forums I have seen a few name repeatedly come up in the budget/beginner bracket.

Kanemasa E -- ( and M series I've heard that these punch well above their weight bracket.

Togiharu Moly --
Any Idea what steel were looking at here?

Tojiro DP --
I have read the most on these. I know some people hate 'em, some love 'em.

Warther --
Can't find a whole lot on these. Use a decent/good steel (440C or S35VN). Made in USA.

I am open to any thoughts/suggest, which, come to think of it is the reason I am posting this on a forum!SIGNATURE



Post is out of date due to moderation (not complaining just explaining) .

I Have decide on:

Fujiwara FKM gyuto in 24cm

Arashiyama 1000 Grit and Suehiro Rika 5000 Grit Stones

Stropping on Balsa with Boron Carbide Paste 1 Micron

And flattening on a piece of granite with drywall screen.

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