Getting gigs by cold calling small events

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I'm thinking about starting a food truck, servicing 2-3 counties mostly during events. Where I live the population is very spread-out, so my strategy will be regularly getting into events with crowds of 800+ instead of a permanent spot.

I'm studying The Food Truck Handbook plus a few other resources ( While online marketing is well covered, direct offline marketing isn't talked about. I have a few questions for those who have managed mobile cuisine in the past:
  1. How much time do you spend every day (or is it once or twice a month) planning out where you'll go next and making calls to event managers?
  2. How do you find smaller less publicly announced events, like paintball tournaments or car dealership events? Do you buy a few newspapers every day or just check a bunch of websites?
  3. Do you ever miss out on events because you didn't hear about them in time?
  4. What makes you think an event will be good for business? How do you decide to go to Event A when Event B is happening at the same time across town?
  5. When you find an event that could be profitable and the event manager hadn't yet considered a food truck, what do you say to get them interested and how do you work out compensation? 
  6. Is it worth it to cold call a factory to get their lunch break schedules and ask if they want me to stop by from time to time?
  7. At a bare minimum, how long does it take to get the truck ready to move to a new location? Is it realistic to stop by 5 or 6 places an evening, or does getting the truck rolling take too long? Just put everything away, turn everything off, wipe everything down, and start the engine?

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