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Without getting into my whole back story, I was given the opportunity to open my own business at a young age. We did well but ultimately, after almost 5 years of business, I was unable to keep the doors open.
At this point, I find it very difficult to find a suitable job. I love this industry and want to continue with it, its the only work I really know. But I need a job that allows me to support myself. Most privately owned restaurants seem to only hire management from within or by recommendation of trusted friends or employees. The corporate restaurants I've applied with have told me I'm "overqualified" (which may just be a brush off) or that they like to train their own people (I assume referencing my previous management/ownership experience).

Most of the job websites (e.g. Monster, Career Builder, craigslist, et al.) have been relatively unproductive. I've considered hiring a head hunter, but am concerned about the costs included with that.
Ultimately, I guess I'm looking for any suggestions on what to do next!?
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How long have you been looking? Are you limited to only where you live or are you open to relocation?

You may also want to try, its a good site that combines most job search engines.

Depending on how long you have been looking, you may just need to keep trying. The economy isn't great, and hell, people spend months trying to find ANY job, let alone one they want/like.

That right job is out there for you, don't give up! Its taken me about 4 months to find a place that is right for me, and I still have my final interview coming up, so I don't even HAVE the job yet. Good luck!!
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Its been 3 years since I've started looking... I've yet to find any position that I'd actually be in a spot to learn or progress from.  I'm not saying I know everything (far from it!), but I know how to do my job... and slinging bull$h!t food as quick as possible for customers who don't appreciate it anyway isn't gonna teach me much other than quantity over quality.... and that's not what I want.

Maybe what I want in a job doesn't exist. I just want to be able to learn something.... anything... at least weekly... if not daily!

Also, I'm completely open to relocation... in fact, want it... but... I don't have the bankroll to show up in a new city and fight my way from the ground up in private... and I still cant get hired by corporate (for the "easy" money)... so that makes it tougher.

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