German Style Pork Steaks

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 I raise my own Black Angus Beef for our Cafe, the cows are pasture raised and finished on corn. All of our animals are raised with out growth hormones or any other supplements. I also raise pigs so we can get away from buying any meat products that are raised in mass and processed to quickly for slaughter. I am amazed by the difference in quality these animals bring to my family when raised properly. We have been making a German style pork chop recipe for years, either at home or as a special in our Cafe. These are some pictures of the pork steaks made German style with sauerkraut, served with a butternut squash from the garden, The pork steaks melt in your mouth and the sauce was made with Soy sauce, mustard, brown sugar and poured over the browned pork steaks topped with sauerkraut...................ChefBillyB


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Looks good,  delicious in fact, although I'm not sure I would put soy sauce in anything "German style". 
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