gelatin ratio for sturdy squash/ pumpkin custard

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    hello pastry friends:

    i while ago i did a peach tiramisu using the approach of making a pastry cream and a peach-mascarpone mousse, combining the two and using gelatin as a stabilizer. it worked very well. now we are doing take-out thanksgiving dinners at the restaurant, and i am tackling large-batch desserts.

    i want to apply the same logic to doing a full sheet pan of a butternut squash/ pumpkin custard and was wondering if anyone had experience doing something similar and could offer insight of the appropriate amount of gelatin without going overboard. both the squash and pumpkin purees have been drained through a strainer with cheese cloth to eliminate the extra water that could potentially leave the mixture soggy and less-than-stable.

    i don't want to end up with a product that won't stand up on its own, and am afraid that baking it like a pie will not create the right/sturdy consistency that i would like. i'm using a frame inside a full sheet pan with a crust on the bottom.

    any thoughts, tips, or insight would be so very much appreciated.

    thank you all in advance for your help.