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One pouch of gelatine is usually 7 to 8g so that recipe is asking for 2 pouches.

I think it is the intent of the recipe that the pie holds its shape (to eat cold) hence 2 pouches may seem excessive but intentional. The fat from the pork will prevent the gel from being too firm. (it should not come out as being like a gummy bear candy). There is also lots of liquid that will release from the pork in a sealed pie crust.

I share your concern that it appears excessive but I think it will work and worth trying.

Now as for switching to leaves, that is a different story. (or tricky as Nigella would say)

2 pouches could mean up to 10 to 12 sheets.  You'll need to dissolve that in a very little amount of liquid. The powdered gelatine, on the other hand, can easily be dispersed in the ground meat/stock mixture.

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@Luc_H  Thank you so much :) Your explanation makes sense. I'll use the 15g powdered gelatin :)
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