GE Advantium Profile - Speed Cook Oven 240VAC

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    Last December, (2012), I purchased an Advantium  Profile - Speed Cook Oven 240VAC.  

    Prior to August 30, 2013 I called in a service call, after multiple trips to the house, the repair man could not help from GE.  They have something called TAG, Technical Assistance Group.

    They are clueless and very rude.  My oven is still not repaired October 4th 2013. They have no more ovens and are telling me they are trying to figure out what to do. (I was told by another source that they were discontinued). There is a problem with the convection thermistor's (a combined set of two in a common package). (I am a retired electronic technician.)

    The oven is usless to me though the microwave works.  I don't like spending $1200.00 for a microwave) when i purchased a speed cook oven.  I won't buy anything else from GE, EVER Again.