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    Let me introduce myself. 

    I am just a home cook, basically because the only domestic quality my wife has is that she lives in a house.  lol

    I do enjoy cooking but not all the time & I figure if your going to do something then you should at least try to make it the best you can.  I've dropped in here a couple of times to get some ideas, tips etc & have found many informative things.  Thanks to you all.

    ps: I'll be learning more than I'll be sharing./img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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    Hello Captains! Please don't think of yourself as "just" a home cook here. You may be surprised to learn that you know things others don't, and some of those others may be professional chefs. You may have learned things from your heritage or from your family that others may not know and that you take for granted, but that some may be delighted to learn. Trust me, after 15 years here I can say that honestly. My point is, don't be shy about participating. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

    The discussion forums are wonderful, and I'm sure you've been reading there quite a bit. Don't overlook reading in the professional forums, as there's a lot to discover there. Just be aware that we home cooks must consider the pros' forums "read only", and to do our posting in any of the general forums. Everyone posts in the general forums.

    We also have excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and much more here. I hope you'll explore those parts of the site as well. 

    We hope you enjoy being part of the community and participating in it. Welcome!

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    Welcome and glad to hear you have found ChefTalk.com useful.