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So I received some garlic from a friend and when I looked into the bag it looked like a bunch of really long green beans. I had to look these up because I have never seen them before and they are something called garlic scapes. Has anyone had any experience using and cooking these? I'm assuming they are mostly interchangeable with garlic, but I am sure there are differences. On a side note it always amazes me how many foods, fruits, vegetables and such there are out there that I have never seen, used or eaten, even being in this industry.
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They have a milder garlic taste than the bulbs. I usually slice them very thin and add to dishes that way, similar to how you would slice garlic thin and sweat. Sometimes they can be a bit woody and unpleasant to eat (especially if cut later in the life cycle), but if they are harvested properly they are tender and delicious.

They can be blanched, shocked, and blended to make a nice pesto style sauce as well. I've used them chopped up in stir fries as either a vegetable or an aromatic.
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I grow garlic - the "scape" is the flower of the plant. We cut these to send energy down to the bulb instead of the flower. As it comes out of the stalk it loops around. Some folks say two loops, others one, but I cut them as soon as they are long enough. I make pesto with the ones I keep and I give @ 2/3 of mine away.
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If you mean these -

No peeling involved just rinse, trim and use. Like fiddleheads some people blanch them then saute them. I use them in pesto just like you would basil. They are milder than the garlic bulb and very user friendly IMO.
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I third (fourth?) the pesto. They are also good where you would use a chive (potatoes, ramen, etc.).
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