Garlic Scapes

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My brothers and I started growing garlic on our farm a few years ago and soon we will be harvesting garlic scapes.  We will have quite a few of them left over as last year we used them for personal use(I could also use more recipes for them - yum).  What we would like to do this year is try to sell some, but haven't found a market for them. Anyone else have luck?
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Talk to your local from scratch restaurants to see if they want to buy some. Garlic scapes are awesome and there should/could be a lot of chefs who would like to use them.

They make a good pesto if you've never tried that.  
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For recipes, Google "green garlic soup." Use all but the tough tips of the scapes in place of green garlic. If the flavor is too harsh, substitute in some onion next time around. The Chez Panisse Cookbook  has a wonderful recipe for this, which I use every time I have a pile of scapes on hand.
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