Garlic Paste & Foodsaver Meatloaf

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by dagger, Jun 19, 2005.

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    "Put the garlic cloves in a saucepan with just enough olive oil to cover them. Place over low heat and simmer until the cloves are soft and golden, 30 to 40 minutes. With a slotted spoon, scoop the garlic into a bowl, then mash to a puree. Immediately strain the oil through a coffee filter and reserve."

    How long can the garlic paste be keeped in the fridge as well the garlic oil that's left over? Can the paste be frozzen and how long also should the oil be keeped in the fridge? I saw on Emeril Live that he said to keep the oil in the fridge for 2 weeks?

    I bought 2 big packs of chop meat at costco which i'm using to make meatballs & meat Loaf. I plan to quarter and make seperate packs of meatballs & meatloaf which i will freeze to set them vacumm seal in foodsaver bags. Both will have eggs so will it be safe since neither will be stored cooked? :chef:
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    I recommend you search the site for a thread on flavored oils. There is a danger of anaerobic bacterial growth that can be deadly if you leave herbs in oil.

    As for the FoodSaver question, you MUST refrigerate uncooked meat and eggs. Freeze them if you aren't going to use them within two or three days. The directions booklet for FoodSaver gives good instructions about storing foods under vacuum. I don't really know how you'd vacuum pack raw, shaped meat loaf or meatballs without getting significant deformation of the meat. Also, you may get liquid seeping out as the bag is sealing. I would think that's one of those things you need to freeze solid before you vacuum-seal them.
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    I agree with you about refrigerating uncooked meat and eggs but here in the grocery stores in Italy, the eggs sit on shelves and not in the fridge. At first I was afraid to eat them but my hubby says that have a fast turnaround, still I find it bothersome.